Fear Control’s Last Show of 2014 // Studio Update

Our last show of 2014 is next Thursday opening for Phinehas. Got your tickets yet? More Info Here: After this show, we will be headed into the studio to record our second EP. Stay tuned for more details and expect a Spring 2015 release & possible Summer 2015 Tour.

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Review of Last Night’s Show with 36 Crazyfists

Our buddy Dambreaker wrote a killer review of our show last night w/ 36 Crazyfists. Read it Here:

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Listen to our E.P.


“These guys are complete from top to bottom, Vocals are brutal, Guitars are fucking brilliant and drums are on point.”
- Jason, Metal Local

“I had never heard this kind of metal before. At least not live. Fear Control got up there and everything was passion-fueled and full throttle, balls to the wall heavy metal music. Their headbanging style was incredible. Their musical abilities and talents were beyond what I had even thought possible."
- Joel, Dambreaker

“They're fast. They're heavy. Screaming is amazing. Singing is actually really good. It doesn't sound like a little emo kid crying about not getting a Cadillac Escalade for Christmas. They're really, really talented."
- Benjamin, Rise of the Underground