Help Fear Control With Our First Tour (IndieGogo Kickstarter)

So here’s the deal. Fear Control’s brand new EP entitled “The Monster” is being released June 2015. In order to make the most of this and really give us an honest shot at potentially getting this band to the next level, we are embarking on our first tour and are in need of some necessary […]

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Fear Control at SXSW 2015 (Recap)

Fear Control at SXSW 2015 (Recap) Another year. Another SXSW. Another great week of shows and good times with good people. This year we played 2 shows. One at Dirty Dog Bar and one at The Heart of Texas Rockfest. Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us play, buy us a drink, chat […]

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“These guys are complete from top to bottom, Vocals are brutal, Guitars are fucking brilliant and drums are on point.”
- Jason, Metal Local

“I had never heard this kind of metal before. At least not live. Fear Control got up there and everything was passion-fueled and full throttle, balls to the wall heavy metal music. Their headbanging style was incredible. Their musical abilities and talents were beyond what I had even thought possible."
- Joel, Dambreaker

“They're fast. They're heavy. Screaming is amazing. Singing is actually really good. It doesn't sound like a little emo kid crying about not getting a Cadillac Escalade for Christmas. They're really, really talented."
- Benjamin, Rise of the Underground